Trends: pyjamas, how to use them

Hi! Summer is on it’s way and we are finally able to wear comfortable clothes. 

Say goodbye to wool and welcome to cotton, silk, lightweight and comfortable fabrics; most pyjamas are made of these fabrics and now you can wear them to go out! 
Apart from being comfortable, PJs are fresh and light when it’s hot. It’s not weird that Vietnamese women use them everyday… unfortunately with the globalization, Vietnamese young women are beginning to dress like women of the western world and in some years we will not see them anymore, not even there. But for now it’s even trendy to wear them so let’s do it!! 
How should you use them?
Classic PJs are usually large or flared, be careful: if you are not tall you could look very short wearing them. 
Short or petite women should wear slim pants, not stretch nor skinny but straight cuts. If they are slim at the ankles you could wear them with flat shoes; but, if they are straight you should wear them with wedges or pumps (as I already explined in my last post).
I am a petite woman so I cannot wear the classic male cut pyjamas, but as you can see in the pictures there are many options to choose from.
Wear them with a romantic detail, nice shoes or statement jewelry and you will look fabulous!
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