The trend: velvet

Is it back to stay? I don’t know, but we will be seeing it everywhere this autumn/winter. Famous for it’s elegance, this year you can wear it in a casual way (Ralph Lauren) or with beautiful and funny embroidery (Dolce&Gabbana, Fendi), less formal and more “rock” (Miu Miu), or wear it with different textures and prints (Gucci).

Diapositiva3 Pictures from Vogue Italia Pictures from Vogue Italia Pictures from Vogue Italia

Don’t forget that this is a “heavy and bright” fabric, so it adds volume to your body, wear it only If you are sure it flatters your type of body. If you are not sure or think it could make you look “wider” but still would like to follow the trend, you can buy the accessories such as bags or shoes, as well as hats, scarfs or even jewelry!


Bags and shoes

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