The Image Consultant & Personal Shopper

It is important to debunk some myths about Image Consultants / Personal shoppers:Carla Leyton: Image Consultant in Milan

On the contrary, seeking the advice of an image consultant means making the right choices to enhance not only your look, but also your personality, increasing your self-awareness and self-esteem.

My advice starts with the analysis of silhouette, facial features and colour selection, in order to recommend the articles of clothing to enhance personal characteristics, to advise on shopping, to find out any lacks and to suggest new combinations from an existing wardrobe – reorganizing it – and to determine necessary additions.

All within the budget and respecting the personality of those seeking my advice.

When talking about image consultancy, I believe that:


“It is not fashion, but style.

It is not about only exterior looks, but awareness.

It is not about compromise, but choices.

It is all about YOU!”


Carla Leyton
Image Consultant
Diploma from the Accademia del Lusso – Milano

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