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Balenciaga: Shaping fashion exhibition

Do you live in London? Or are you planning to go there in the next 8 months? You should visit the exhibition dedicated to Balenciaga! My sister’s been there (and I am so jealous) and told me everything about it… of course she also took these pictures for me! With over 100 pieces crafted by […]

Hourglass body shape – What to wear for each body shape?

Hello! It’s me again today with another type of body shape, the hourglass! Do you wear the same size for your top and bottom and have a small and defined waist? You have an “hourglass body shape”! You may have a normal bust and a neat curved bottom but you can also have a body […]

Pear shaped body – What to wear for each body shape?

Hello again! So, a new year has arrived and I would like to start it with lots of advice for you. Let’s start with body shapes: one type for each week, if this week is not yours just be patient, you will get your advice as soon as possible! Do you have narrow shoulders with […]