My handmade sandals

Hey! Today I want to talk about one of my passions: shoes and to make/transform things by myself!
I’ve been wanting to buy these Caovilla’s sandals for a while, i really love them but I also feel that I shouldn’t spend that quantity of money just for a pair of sandals, they are really beautiful and I am sure they are worth all the money they ask for them, but it’s still too much for me.
Anyway I love all the pretty decorated sandals I see… pearls, strass, flowers, etc., and I really like working manual labour, so I took a pair of sandals I bought a year ago from Asos – and I hardly use as they are too simple for my taste – and decorated them inspired by the Caovilla’s I love.

It’s not my intention to copy (and even if it were I would never be able to do it) but it was great to see nice results!
I am travelling to South America for work in the next days, it is really hot there so I get to wear them right now, instead of waiting for the winter to be over!
20150214_085954 20150214_090155 20150214_090117                       20150208_133602
What do you think? I love them and I am really happy!


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