Pear shaped body – What to wear for each body shape?

Hello again! So, a new year has arrived and I would like to start it with lots of advice for you. Let’s start with body shapes: one type for each week, if this week is not yours just be patient, you will get your advice as soon as possible! Do you have narrow shoulders with flat stomach and a defined waist but also have curvy hips and bottom so you must buy a larger size for that part of your body?   You are a Triangle, also named “pear shaped body”

Pear shaped body

If you have a “pear shaped body” it means you have a beautiful cleavage which needs to be accentuated. Bringing attention to the upper part of your body – with accessories, bright colors, textures and layers – will help you minimize the bottom part and balance out your body shape.

Some advice on what to wear for a “pear shaped body” type:

Pear body shape – what to wear

Pear body shape – what to wear

Which clothes should a “pear shaped body” avoid? The ones that add volume to your hips, bottom and thighs, so no details, no pockets, and no bright or light colors for this part of your body

Pear body shape – clothes you should avoid

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