My Daily Looks – Animal print

“Animal rint – faux furs”
I’ve been looking for this coat for days and days! It was either expensive and made of real fur (which I don’t buy) or affordable and made of faux-fur but then… too big and/or tacky!
And then I found it in Zara kids! I’ve told you I am a petite size right? Well it’s really true and when I am looking for trends I go to Zara kids, prices are very affordable and the clothes are very trendy, even being for kids!
We all want to follow the trends, but they come and go and, if you use most of your budget to buy fashionable clothes, you will end up very upset to notice that just after one year they are not trendy anymore. That’s why you shouldn’t buy expensive trendy clothes which need to be beautiful only for a year or less.
Spend most of your shopping budget in basic clothes: a beautiful coat or trench, taylored pants in a cut … for your body, a LBD, etc.
Clothes that you will use for many years and want to keep in good shape for all that time. This does not mean that all your basic clothes have to be of high brands, you just need to choose the best quality you can afford, take good care of them so they won’t loose their shape and , of course, you need to know how to combine them with the right trendy clothes.
I chose to wear my Zara’s leopard print, faux-fur with my MaxMara’s black trousers, they help me reduce the volume of the jacket and make my legs look longer, or better, they don’t make my legs look shorter… even if I wear ballerinas 😉 I also chose to wear a small black bag. Remember that it’s better to call for attention in one part of the body, not all of it. 
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