Is it possible to have an online Image Consultant / Analysis?

I’ve heard this question many times so I decided to write an article about it. I hope it’ll help you find an answer to your doubts.
Yes, it is possible to have an online analysis whenever you can’t do it personally and it’s usually cheaper as the consultant doesn’t need to waste time to meet you leaving his/her office.

online image consultant

Not all the services can be made online such as wardrobe organization and personal shopping.
Ok you can have some advice sent to you regarding how to better re-organize your wardrobe, or receive a list of the basic clothes you need to have, and you can even ask your consultant to meet on skype and give you advice on new looks or the clothes you should throw away; but I really suggest to do it only in extreme cases, when you can’t meet your consultant in person.


online image consuting

On the other hand, if you need to get a color, face or figure analysis there will be no problem by getting an online consultant. You will have to answer to all the questions made by the consultant and sent all the data, measurements and pictures that are needed for the consultant to study your figure and colors. Without all this information and the mutual trust between you and the consultant the advice could be mistaken and all the work will be in vain. If you ask for advice is because you want to get to know yourself better and highlight your personality and figure and obviously you are conscious that in order to succeed you need to be absolutely sincere with your consultant and the results will be just perfect.

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onlie image consulting

You should know that once the analysis is made, the final results depend only on you. The consultant has no possibility to go shopping with you nor to take a look at your outfits every morning to check if you are following the advice given.

I usually stay in touch with my clients, and they know they can contact me through social networks or whatsapp to ask me for advice or clarify some doubts, but at the end of the day the transformation will depend only on you, if you follow the advice and stop buying the wrong clothes you will see positive results in just a couple of months.

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