What inspires me – this week: “textures & layering”

Hello!  Today I would like to share with you some looks which, in some way, inspire me. They are not always my style, even more; usually the outfits are completely different from the outfits I usually wear… sometimes because they are not my style at all and others because the outfits are not flattering for my figure. But even if they do not represent me I love to see them in other women. I think it’s great to appreciate other styles and tastes. 


It is a must for image consultants! How could we help our clients if we don’t appreciate their personal style? Our job is to make our clients look their best, hiding their “negative parts” and showing the “positive ones”, and not to transform them into someone they would never be otherwise!


Today’s pictures are from women who like to play and have fun with different textures and layering. It makes their days happier! They look fabulous, don’t you think?

Diapositiva1 Diapositiva2

Be careful when layering! It’s not flattering to everyone and the final look could give you extra pounds! If you what to know more about your figure, contact me! 


All pictures come from Pinterest

I sometimes use pictures from magazines and social networks, I do my best to credit all images correctly. If you would like me to change a credit or remove an image please send me an email to info@carlaleyton.com

If you want to use my personal pictures you should credit them as CarlaLeyton ImageConsulting’s pictures.
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