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I’ve been wanting to talk about this subject for a while… weddings!

We all dream of that magic day, we are modern and independent but still romantic as our grannies were! Everything has to be perfect that day and, of course, it’s not easy to take care of everything… the dress, make-up, hair, accessories, flowers, ceremony, party, food… the list could go on for a long time and just to think about it we get really stressed. the bride

Many of us get a Wedding Planner to take care of the party and its organization so we can relax a little bit, but what about us? How are we going to look? Is it easy to choose the dress, even with the help of our mother and/or best friends? Are they going to be objective? Usually no, as they are as happy and emotionally involved as you are. It is important to get help from a professional, an Image Consultant who will help you choose your dress and accessories – as well as make-up and hairdo – taking into consideration your personal taste and style, of course; but also your body type, colors and face shape. This is the only way you can be sure of the choices you’ve made.

her accessories

Last month I helped a bride with her look, we worked together for about 4 months… we read many magazines and looked for dresses online (just to have an idea of what she liked and what she could wear) and started to have an idea of the final look. Then we went shopping, visited many bridal boutiques in search of the perfect wedding dress. Found it… of course it had to fit perfectly so we talked to the tailor and made sure that the dress would be perfect at the end. It took two months plus 3 visits to check the measurements and to follow the tailor’s work and at the end it was perfect.

consulente per la sposa

In the meantime we tried different make-ups and hairdos, she preferred a very simple look so we decided for a very simple, but not boring, hairdo… curled ends and flowers and for the make-up a very very natural look.

I took care of both, I usually take care on the make-up and leave the usually complicated hairdo for a hairstylist! But in this case I could do it perfectly as we tried it many times before.

the wedding day

Here are the results! I hope you like her.

Are you getting married and are not sure of the dress and accessories? Contact me! I will help you!

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