How do I choose what clothes to take for a short trip?

It’s just a short trip and you don’t want to take the entire wardrobe with you but neither look like you are wearing your everyday work uniform?

How should you choose your clothes? This how I choose; I hope you find it helpful!
Last week I went to Amsterdam to help a very special client choose her wedding dress! I had to stay there for 4 days and wanted to take a small suitcase with me, but Amsterdam can be tricky in May: it can be very cold or just  hot, it can be rainy and windy one day and very sunny the next day!!! Help!!
What I try to do is choose clothes which are “tone sur tone” so I can match every top with my trousers and jackets. I just need to take two trousers (maybe just one), a coat and lots of tops (not sooo many!). I usually choose blue as it’s one of my best colours and I take light tops, so I can wear more than one using the layering technique, that way I won’t be cold when it’s raining nor feel hot when it’s sunny.
Don’t take heavy tops with you, they’ll make you shorter and you could look fat, if you want to create layers always choose your lightest clothes.
Then think about your accessories: I usually travel a big bag and comfortable, heavy shoes for the journey; and put a flat pair of the same color of the clothes in the suitcase. Then I add a small, nice bag and high heels in a different color that still combines with the rest, just to make a little difference and I am ready to leave!
I always take a comfortable pair of shoes with me, high heels make me feel great but I cannot walk more than two or three miles in them, it hurts too much! Even more so in Milan or Amsterdam where the streets are made of cobblestones! Flats aren’t heavy at all and a smart girl would never go out without a pair in her bag! 😉
 A very cold day
Second day, sunny but windy, I used many layers!
 A very sunny day! Not so hot in the moring and I had to walk so I used my ballerinas.
No bomber for the afternoon
High heels to hang out with friends



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