Hourglass body shape – What to wear for each body shape?

Hello! It’s me again today with another type of body shape, the hourglass! Do you wear the same size for your top and bottom and have a small and defined waist? You have an “hourglass body shape”! You may have a normal bust and a neat curved bottom but you can also have a body full of curves with a full bust, curvy bottom and hips and a small waist, a very very feminine body!

Hourglass body shape

You should keep the balance between top and bottom while showing off your waist, being an hourglass you only need to be sure your clothes don’t cover up your curves as that would make you look overweight, the clothes need to follow your natural curves and this doesn’t mean you need to wear tight clothes, nor large ones, just your size!

Hourglass body shape – what to wear for each body shape

You should choose soft, medium weight fabrics and completely avoid stiff and heavy ones.

Hourglass body shape – what to wear for each body shape

Some advice on what to wear for an “hourglass body shape”:


Hourglass body shape – what to wear for each body shape

There are many other things to consider: are you tall or petite? What about the waist, are you high-waisted or in the contrary low-waited? What about your neckline or shoulder lines? The information above should be enough for now, otherwise you could get confused and this is already a good start to make you understand your body shape.

Which clothes an “hourglass body shape” should avoid? Stiff and straight clothes, oversize clothes! Baggy and boxy sweaters and jackets. Geometric patterns!

Hourglass body shape – clothes you should avoid


Hourglass body shape – clothes your should avoid

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