Hi! Are you in Italy? Or do you have plans to come in the next months? Don’t forget to visit the EXPO 2015, it’s in Milan!


I was there last weekend and I really enjoyed it. The pavilions are beautiful and very creative; you’ll also find many events, shows, food from all over the world… I am sure you will not have time to get bored!

Diapositiva101 Diapositiva81 Diapositiva91

One day is not enough. Maybe it’s better for you to buy a two-day ticket so you won’t miss anything! Wear comfortable shoes and clothes, you’ll walk for many hours so this time leave your pumps at home 😉


Visiting it in the evenings is another great and cheap option, of course you get to see less, but a dark sky and the lights create a beautiful contrast!

Diapositiva19 Diapositiva18

Here are some pictures in case you cannot come or still need some time to make up your mind!

 Diapositiva3 Diapositiva1
Diapositiva17 Diapositiva15 Diapositiva16 Diapositiva111 Diapositiva71 Diapositiva51 Diapositiva41 Diapositiva21 Diapositiva31
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