My daily looks – Basic clothes and more

I didn’t know what to wear yesterday; it happens to most women almost every day.
When I am in a crisis I choose to wear basic clothes, I know that once I put them on, the rest of the look will come together very easily.
I wore my favorite black trousers and a pink cashmere buttoned down sweater… how can I accessorize these clothes? It depends on your style (and on what you are planning to do that day). The good thing about basic clothes is that you can accessorize them with almost everything, you can wear pumps, ballerinas and loafers or even sneakers, the bag can be classic or modern, in bold colors or just neutral.
I decided to try some options…
 Slide31 Slide41
And in the end chose the green pumps and fuchsia bag (it seemed the chicer option for me)
What would you wear?
A side note for the sweater… I wore it in pink because pastel colors are fashionable and you will see them everywhere this year: clothes, accessories, jewelry! So if you like them, go and buy your favorite color right now! I’ll tell you more; this is the right time to buy a cashmere sweater, once considered as a “luxury” only few could afford, now you find it almost everywhere and for all budgets and even more during winter sales. 
You have no excuses not to buy one! 


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