Converse shoes for a bride?

Hi, today I want to show you the converse I just finished embellishing for a clasic and, at the same time, modern bride!

She loves traditional weddings and wants to get married with a classic bride gown and perfectly matching shoes; but she is also young and modern and, of course, wants to dance and have fun at her party!
So, after the usual professional advice on the dress, hair and make-up, she asked me if I could embellish her old white converse shoes to be used at the party, I love to work and create with my hands, of course I said I could!

This is the result!

Do you like them? Want a pair for you? Contact me!

 This is how I started
 One of them is almost ready
First option with a wide lace and bow
 Second option with a slimmer lace
A detail of the finished shoes




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