Collezione Privata Venezia – in Milan

Last week I was invited to visit Collezione Privata Venezia‘s boutique/show-room in Milan.

Even though I have visited their website I did not expect to be so strongly captivated by the beauty of their clothes.


Hand made in Venice – the proof is in the quality of their tailored pieces. Fabrics of great quality, refined and beautiful: broccato, silk, wool and leather; and the clothes… Very feminine! You can choose from everyday clothes (skirts, mini dresses, trousers, etc.) to evening gowns (including the beautiful trendy corsets).

Evening gown

Corset and skirt

You will not find a great quantity of clothes in their show-room, these are bespoke clothes, custom made just for you; it’s a fantastic way to customize according to your taste, something made just for you! In addition, you will be able to change it if you get bored or think that it should follow the trend of the moment, that way you will be able to wear it for many years to come!



I am so in love with this collection that I’ve decided to try them all! And of course show you the pictures… ok I didn’t try them all as they only have a few sizes for each model as I explained before; but here are some models for you… the clothes should be seen and touched in person, if you live in Milan or are planning to visit this beautiful city, you should visit the show-room in Piazza Liberty, Wlady will be a great host and you will love the clothes and fabrics. And be sure you will find the best quality/price ratio! For sure my clients will be happy to get to try the clothes and if you are not sure about your figure and need some advice contact me, I will be happy to take you there!

Abito verde da sera

Abito oro


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