How do I choose what to wear for a party?

Going to a party during the Christmas holidays is not only a nice occasion, but it’s also a good way to get into the holiday mood.
It’s important to think about what to wear a few days before the party, do some planning in advance but you should also have a last minute back-up outfit, it could be colder or warmer than what you think or maybe you will not feel in the mood for that dress on the day of the event or maybe because it’s raining!…and for sure you don’t want to ruin your new suede shoes. If you plan everything without leaving some room for these changes you could go into a panic just hours before the party.
So… planning? Yes. Having a second option for last minute changes? Better.


 Here’s my advice for the planning part:
It’s not really easy to decide what to wear if you don’t have the answer to some of the following questions: 
Do you prefer to wear a dress or do you feel more comfortable with elegant trousers? What does the invitation say? What is the dress code on the invitation? Is it a black tie event? Or maybe just a cocktail with friends? And you should also think about the location, is it in the morning? Evening? Who else will be going to the party? Friends or colleagues?


Once you have the answers you can start choosing what to wear:
If you go to the party directly from the office you could wear a minimal shift dress, which is great for the office and will be great for the party just by changing the accessories. However, if you have time to go home first to get ready, it is easier: Think about your body… do you have good legs? Show them off (and I am not saying that you should wear a miniskirt which is great for girls under 30) but if the hem comes down to just above your knees, it is acceptable. You could wear a long dress with a split up the leg. 
Do you want to show your cleavage? Choose a V neck or wear a great necklace but remember to wear it only if your dress/top do not have details on the same part… both will draw attention and you do not want to create confusion! Remember the old rule: Less is more. 
Maybe your cleavage is not so beautiful or you don’t like it… show your back with a backless dress… maybe with a pearl necklace just like Lady D did for a premiere in London in 1985.
Remember it’s really important to feel comfortable: do not wear high heels if you are not used to them… you are going to walk like a duck and feel awkward and do not wear a dress you cannot sit down in! 
 Do not over accessorize, you shouldn’t sparkle everywhere. 
If your jewels are important or big, do not wear more than two things, it’s better if people look at you where you want to be looked at, you can wear more jewels if your dress is minimal and has no detail, but do not exaggerate with the sparkle. Choose the right place: you can wear a beautiful ring or a bracelet if you have great hands or arms.
Want to show off your face? Wear a nice, bright pair of earrings or accessorize your hair. 
The bag should be little, a clutch always looks good, it’s a party, you don’t need to take so many things with you: your documents, some cash, mobile phone, keys and your favorite lipstick.
Remember: show the part of your body you like the most, wear elegant but comfortable clothes and most of all: relax, smile and enjoy the party.
You’ll be beautiful!
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