Be careful! Even the nicest trousers won’t look good with the wrong pair of shoes!

Hello, I want to share with you what happened to me today.

This morning, as almost every morning, I woke up at 6:30 to go to the gym. 
Usually I prepare my clothes the night before, but I was really tired yesterday… so I left it for this morning, big mistake! Still sleepy and with low lights I was sure I’d chosen the right, slim pair of trousers to wear with ballerinas.
After exercising and a nice shower, I pulled off the trousers from my bag and oh no!, it was another pair: in the dark I thought I recognized the fabric of my slim trousers, instead these were the flared ones and to make things worst they only come down to the ankles! The kind of pants which only look good with a nice pair of stilettos! Even worse… my ballerinas were very heavy, they had a big satin bow in the middle.
The results? I was 10cms shorter and my legs and ankles looked heavier in just 2 seconds! If I were taller and my ankles were really slim it would have been better, but that outfit looks bad in anyone, anyway. You just need to look at the pictures to see the difference.
Lucky me I had nothing important or urgent to do, so I ran back home and immediately wore the right trousers!
Remember: slim trousers can be worn with flat shoes; flared trousers always with heels!
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