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Collezione Privata Venezia – in Milan

Last week I was invited to visit Collezione Privata Venezia‘s boutique/show-room in Milan. Even though I have visited their website I did not expect to be so strongly captivated by the beauty of their clothes. Hand made in Venice – the proof is in the quality of their tailored pieces. Fabrics of great quality, refined and beautiful: […]

Coats – trends for this autumn/winter season

Did you already buy a coat for this winter? It is already cold so if you haven’t and are not sure of what’s trendy this year this article may help you! I am going to show you some beautiful – trendy coats, but as an Image Consultant I also have to warn you… a trendy garment […]

Image Consulting for the bride

I’ve been wanting to talk about this subject for a while… weddings! We all dream of that magic day, we are modern and independent but still romantic as our grannies were! Everything has to be perfect that day and, of course, it’s not easy to take care of everything… the dress, make-up, hair, accessories, flowers, ceremony, party, food… […]

Is it possible to have an online Image Consultant / Analysis?

I’ve heard this question many times so I decided to write an article about it. I hope it’ll help you find an answer to your doubts. Yes, it is possible to have an online analysis whenever you can’t do it personally and it’s usually cheaper as the consultant doesn’t need to waste time to meet […]

Summer looks with shorts

Hi there! This summer has been very hot in Italy, so I’ve been going out with shorts just everyday! They seem the only possible option to stay fresh in the city or in holidays. So, as I don’t want to get bored or wear the same outfit all the time, I’ve created many outfits to […]

Converse shoes for a bride?

Hi, today I want to show you the converse I just finished embellishing for a clasic and, at the same time, modern bride! She loves traditional weddings and wants to get married with a classic bride gown and perfectly matching shoes; but she is also young and modern and, of course, wants to dance and […]

First days of summer in Milan

We waited for a long time, May was not really warm in Milan… but summer has finally arrived, and as every summer arrives, altough I waited a long time for it, I suffer from the humid hot temperatures of the city…. anyway I really love the air you breath inthe italian summer, it seems everyone […]


Hi! Are you in Italy? Or do you have plans to come in the next months? Don’t forget to visit the EXPO 2015, it’s in Milan! I was there last weekend and I really enjoyed it. The pavilions are beautiful and very creative; you’ll also find many events, shows, food from all over the world… […]

How do I choose what clothes to take for a short trip?

It’s just a short trip and you don’t want to take the entire wardrobe with you but neither look like you are wearing your everyday work uniform? How should you choose your clothes? This how I choose; I hope you find it helpful! Last week I went to Amsterdam to help a very special client […]

Trends: pyjamas, how to use them

Hi! Summer is on it’s way and we are finally able to wear comfortable clothes.  Say goodbye to wool and welcome to cotton, silk, lightweight and comfortable fabrics; most pyjamas are made of these fabrics and now you can wear them to go out!  Apart from being comfortable, PJs are fresh and light when it’s […]