About me

I am an Image Consultant & Personal Shopper who sees fashion and trends as a means of making the most of one’s personal appearance and not as a target which must be reachedpersonal shopper at all costs; our personal image is very important and it’s difficult to know how far our figure allows us to pursue fashion trends without professional help.

I am delighted to help others get to know themselves, to like themselves and feel at ease with oneself in each and every situation!

How do I do that? I begin where you want to begin…

We can start with a complete personal image analysis, which at any time you may change or update; and continue with me taking care of your wardrobe and preparing a list of the “must haves” missing for a personal shopping session and of course you can always contact me for a customized concierge|personal assistance service so you can spend your time doing what you love to do while I take care of your errands.

Or you can just choose one of my services now and leave the other ones for another time.

My services are for people who want to feel confident with their personal image and, at the same time, enjoy their free time and have a better quality of life. People who – for business, family or many other reasons – do not want to waste time arranging all the “boring and time consuming” household and administrative activities we all need to take care of on a daily basis, but rather want to experience the finer aspects of life.

I can help you in all these areas!


Want to know more?
Call me (or whatsapp me!) at +39 023553495, +39 3405875130
or send me an e-mail: info@carlaleyton.com
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Newspapers – Media

Image consultant MilanInterview for “M de Mujer” a weekly magazine
of the newspaper Los Tiempos
Cochabamba – Bolivia
26 March 2015

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