Want to look gorgeous? clothes are not enough

Hello! Today I want to talk about teeth… yes, your teeth!

You are probably thinking: “an image consultant talking about teeth?, well to look really gorgeous from head to toe, you need to wear the right clothes for your figure and, among other things, to show a perfect  smile!

How many women spend hours and hours shopping clothes and accessories, as well as going to the hairstylist but don’t waste an hour every three or four months to clean their teeth at the dentist?  An appointment to the dentist must be in your “maintenance must-do list” together with hair cut and color, and don’t say that it is too expensive, a check-up and cleaning appointment is usually less expensive than a visit to your hairstylist, and you only need to do two or three times a year! How many times do you go to the hairstylist?

To have a beautiful hair-cut and a wonderful white and polished smile is a must to look perfect, both are important!

confident smile

Where ever you go – your office or a meeting with friends, a great smile showing your beautiful healthy teeth sends an instant message: “I am happy, vital, positive, fearless”, a beautiful smile is what we need to show if we want to feel confident and much younger!

Therefore cleaning and bleaching (if you need it) are a must and for the less fortuned ones which haven’t been blessed with great teeth or have receding gums, there are many treatments to choose from: if your teeth are crooked you can avoid braces and use transparent aligners which no one will notice  (See “clear aligner” or “invisaling“) or if you need to take care of more problems such as “wore teeth, missing teeth, bad shape or alignment, dyschromia (badly stained), among others” you can choose to have ceramic and zirconium veeners specially made for your mouth, you can show a perfect smile in only two weeks! (see “v.i.s. system”).

And what about your gums? It is very important to keep them healthy and if you see blood when you brush your teeth you should tell your dentist, sick gums can recede and you end up loosing your teeth (after a while and only for the worst cases, of course) so if you have this problem ask your dentist for a proper treatment, it’s better to prevent these things from happening! I collaborate with doctor Luciano Masci in Milano, but of course your dentist should be able to describe and tell you all about these treatments and its costs.


I don’t need to tell you how important is to brush your teeth everyday! Did you know that you should brush them for two minutes? thirty seconds for each part (upper right and left, lower right and left); if you have an electric brush you should notice that it makes a different fast noise every 30 seconds and a longer one after two minutes. After brushing is a good idea to use some dental loss and mouth wash. You should brush your teeth 3 times a day, if you can’t do it after lunch you should wash your mouth with some water or have sugar free  a chewing gum, mornings and evenings are a must if you want to avoid the annoying plaque!

Remember: the first impression is the most important and your teeth are an important part of who you are; stained, yellow, unhealthy or crooked teeth makes you look older and inaccurate, a beautiful smile, instead, is a fashion statement!





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