Carla Leyton, Consulente d'Immagine a Milano

Carla Leyton, image consultant in Milan (Italy)

I am here to improve your personal image by making the most of all your potential. Whether it's for work or an important encounter, your personal image can determine whether or not an event will be a success.

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Image Consultant in Milan (Italy)There is no second chance to make a first impression, so they say.

And in my opinion that’s absolutely true.

The impression of ourselves we give in the first 7 seconds of a meeting is crucial.

This is why our personal image is so important and it should reflect exaclty one’s personality and lifestyle – the way we would like others to see us.

A not-so-good combination, a discordant detail or an unflattering image of our figure can send messages which don’t represent us at all.

Being self-aware of your figure, with all its limitations and potential, is not easy.

Often daring is out of the question and you tend to make comforting but obvious choices, or to launch into dangerous excesses.

In order for our personal image to be truly effective, the help of an image consultant is fundamental: an expert who can study your silhouette, pinpoint your style and recommend the right choices to highlight the positive attributes of your figure, while masking any negatives, is the professional you should look for.


Each one of us can be beautiful.
Sometimes it's the hardest thing to believe.

But an image consultant can change the idea you have of your figure and its potential with just a few tips and moves.

Here are some good reasons why you should seek my advice and start feeling fabulous!

  • You will get to know your silhouette and the colours which best suit you, so to be confident and never making a bad choice again.
  • You will get to like yourself, flaws included, because are these that make you unique.
  • You will get to learn to choose what makes you feel good, and not what fashion dictates!
  • You will get to learn how to attain an image more suited to your profession, thus becoming more credible.
  • For an important event, you will get to learn how to feel at ease and relaxed knowing you look your best.
  • You will get to know which are your “must haves” and you will never do without them again.
  • You will get to feel confident with your clothes no matter what size (or shape), you will be surprised by the results of choosing clothes that suit your figure.
  • You will refresh your style, or alter it all together.
  • You will tune your style to your changing body, changing something in order not to change everything.
  • You will identify the potential of your wardrobe and learn some tricks to mix and match your existing clothes.
  • For those nine months when you want to feel desirable; for the most important meeting of your life.
  • You will learn how to do a good everyday make-up base, for your face type.


  • Marie P. Marie P.
    (La Gourmandine owner, London)

    Carla really helped me understanding what colors and what shapes suit me best.

    She also showed me how I would look with different styles, giving me the confidence to try new things and to be a bit more adventurous in my choice of clothes.

    Last but least, she managed to find some stunning outfits without going crazy with the budget.

    Overall, I was extremely pleased with the experience and would highly recommend her services!

  • Ambra F. Ambra F.
    (libero professionista)

    Great professional, I absolutely advise you to try the silhouette analysis!
    Personal shopping is really fun and useful and she was very clever while working on my wardrobe organization!
    You should contact her, it was a great experience!

  • testimonial Elisabetta N.

    Very professional and available, great ideas and ability in the personal analyses.

    I very much appreciated her precious help and the accuracy of her advice on fashion trends and innovation.

  • Daniela M. Daniela M.

    This consultancy has been a great investment as I won’t be buying clothes that are not good for my body type.

    Now, everytime I go shopping I know exactly what to look for, which clothes fit me well and which colors to choose.

    Thank you Carla!

  • Patrizia B. Patti B.

    The various analyses have awakened the sense of self-esteem I was lacking…I am really happy!…I will not spend my money in the wrong clothes and colors ever again, just because they are trendy it doesn’t mean they are flattering for my body!

    Thank you Carla… it was great!

  • Maria Elena F. Maria Elena F.

    Carla, I feel really happy for all the advice you gave me. Your work, besides being very accurate and professional, shows your qualities!

    Thank you for showing me my strenghts and for helping me with my weaknesses.

    I really loved my Look Book!